I started keeping boas in the late 1990′s. At that stage I only had one or two and didn’t fancy them that much. All this changed in 2002 when I successfully bred my first boa. I had a litter of about 12 babies and I was so taken by these beautiful babies! Little did I know that I would be hooked for life and my boa “addiction” had started.

Over the next few years I started collecting boas. These would be Boa constrictor imperator which are common and readily available. My wish was to one day be able to have an albino morph. These were very rare and very expensive in the early 2000′s and only a select few could get their hands on these beautiful morphs.

In 2005 I suffered a great loss when my small flatlet on a smallholding burnt down. I lost a lot of my snakes due to smoke inhalation. I sent my surviving snakes off to various friends who offered good homes. I was heart broken. A large number of my snakes died within the next few months and I had to start collecting again.

In September 2006 I had managed to get a few boas. 2006 was a good year and I managed to breed a few clutches of boas. I could finally afford my first albino boa. I bought him from a friend early 2007. He was a year old, and I was ecstatic! In 2007 I only had 6 adult boas and 7 sub adults and I was pleased with my growing collection.

In 2008 I wanted to produce my first het albinos. A girl has to start somewhere. I put my albino on a stunning female, to no avail. 2 years in a row he tried mating and it seemed there were locks, but nothing came of it and the boa drought began. Luckily it was short lived and in 2010 my first het albino boas were born!

In the meanwhile, we managed to import our first shipment of boas into SA. These were purely to add to our collection, with one or two possibly being sold. We landed a pair of salmons and another albino male as I had managed to buy up 2 female het albinos locally.

In 2011 another shipment of boas arrived. This one contained a larger variety of boa morphs. We added motley, albino motley, salmon jungle motley, albino jungle and a het albino jungle to our growing collection.

At the end of 2011 I managed to breed my salmons for the first time. The female had a small clutch of 16 beautiful babies! There were 3 normals, 2 super salmons and the remainder of the clutch were salmons. Some were more colourful than others and we looked back on the paperwork, and the female was a pastel line salmon, and this came out in the beautiful babies.

Beginning 2012 our last shipment of boas arrived from the US. We added a salmon motley, sunglow, coral and pastel albino boas and some more salmons to our collection.

The end of 2012 I managed to finally produce my first ever albinos, and managed to have 3 clutches of albinos born that year, as well as 3 clutches of normal boas.

This year, 2013, I’m hoping to produce my first snow and jungle, but only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy boas as much as what I do, and remember! You can never have too many boas!

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